Student Quotes on Mindfulness Poetry

Students reflections on mindfulness and poetry writing curriculum

At the end of the school year, students and I create an anthology of their poems and artwork. I’ve shared below some of their written comments about the project.

Question: What is the best thing you have learned about mindfulness this year?

“I have learned to calm myself down when there is a problem. I use mindfulness at home when my brother annoys me. It helps me by not hurting anyone.”

“Mindful breathing helps me think and gets me focused.”

“The best thing I have learned about mindfulness is that it could calm you down and make you feel relaxed at anytime.”

“You can practice self-constraint and relieve yourself from all the negative things in your life.”

Mindful practice outside of our class:

“I practice mindfulness at home when I’m feeling pressured.”

“I practice mindfulness at nighttime to go to sleep.”

“I practice using mindfulness during lunch. It helps me get rid of anger and hate.” 

What did you learn about writing poems?

I learned that writing poems is not just art. It’s also a tool that comes from your “heart.”

“It is important to make the poem interesting so the reader will want to read it.”

“I learned that writing poems is fun!”

“I like my “Quietness” poem because it reminds me to stay quiet.”

“By writing poems, I’ve learned to be calm and patient, especially when I get mad about something dumb.”

How do you feel about having your poems published in a book?

“Excited because as students we express what we feel and to let people see is awesome.”

The 12- and 13-year-old authors’ book of published poems.

“I feel good because other kids can use that for madness and other things.”

“I feel scared and nervous because you never know if people will like it or not.”

“It feels good because I can write more poems”

Do you have any suggestions?

“Can we have more mindful instruments?”


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