“We really enjoyed the Mindful Literacy Curriculum, and found it to be a great compliment to our Personal Reflections class. It served our adolescent learners well, and supported our goals of providing the space to practice self-regulation during a time of great developmental change. Our students looked forward to being outside for their weekly lesson, and were very engaged in the heart-fullness practice Laura shared with us. We will use the skills she shared throughout the year in our community.”

“I’m going to use this with teachers I teach in a Master’s program! Teachers need self-reflection with love and self-compassion! So wonderfully and mindfully presented. I loved every moment. You’re an awesome presenter!”

“Excellent workshop. Looking forward to implementing the concepts in therapy. I’m a clinical therapist.”

“As a teacher, I tend to take too much to heart, obsessing on everything that happens in the classroom and allowing my emotions to control me. Through practicing with Ms. Bean, I have found mindfulness to be a powerful tool for my own self-care. It’s not about just clearing my mind. It’s about intentionally and systematically peeling back the mental layers of how I want to feel and replacing them with the awareness of what is happening in the present. Now, I start class feeling much less anxious.”

“Reminded me of the power of this practice in my own life. These activities are excellent. More, more, more!”

“You gave me things I can take back and implement right away with my students.”

“Everything we learned at this retreat can be applied to the human existence — no matter what your profession is. But as a teacher, I can apply it all to the classroom — breathing, stretching, eating, listening, sharing, writing, EVERYTHING!”

“Encouragement to express this way. The second I saw writing on the wall, I wanted to walk away because writing has always scared me. I’m thrilled I stayed.”

“I found Ms. Bean’s embodiment of the practices to be highly effective in demonstrating how to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life and work.”


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