One of the many ways Laura Bean is bringing mindfulness to the classroom is the Poetry Project. On this website you are welcomed to watch the Poetry Project video below, download lesson plans, view a sample workshop, and/or contact her for more info.


Poetry Project Video

The Poetry Project is a way to teach mindfulness practice to students by using poetry, which they use as models for their own creative writing. Take a look…

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Why Poetry?

The following is excerpted from The Poetry Deal by Diane di Prima, published by City Lights.

Poetry can bring joy, it can ease grief. It bridges different worlds and myriad cultures.

Poetry can bring rain & make the crops grow. It smoothes the path for the traveler and brings sleep to the feverish child.

Poetry is our heart’s cry and our heart’s ease. It constantly renews our seeing: so we can speak the constantly changing Truth.

Poets speak truth when no one else can or will. That’s why the hunger for poetry grows when the world grows dark. When repression grows, when people speak in whispers or not at all, they turn to poetry to find out what’s going on.