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Mindful Literacy Program

This comprehensive school model fosters the well-being and self-efficacy of both teachers and students.  The 3 C’s of the program are Compassion, Connection, and Creativity.

Given that teachers are tuning forks for their students, the program begins with teachers first — focusing on their self-care and personal development so they can model responsiveness rather than reactivity. A retreat is offered before the start of the school year to initiate teachers’ personal mindfulness and self-compassion practice, which is further supported by an ongoing seminar after school, during collaboration time, and through individual coaching throughout the school year.

Classroom options include an eight-week introductory mindfulness course, a mindful community building workshop every two weeks, and a mindful writing workshop. These programs allow teachers and their students to reset their nervous systems, strengthen their focus and self-compassion, develop their emotional intelligence and build community. In the Mindful Literacy Writing Workshop, instead of avoiding students’ real stories of loss, we face them head-on with an open heart in the safe environment we have created. The Writing Workshop also adds value in terms of students’ academic skills, improving their reading comprehension, expanding their vocabulary, and most importantly, developing their voices. Step by step they move through the writing process, practicing peer revising and editing, and building community along the way.

Mindful Words Workshop

Presented at Bridging the Hearts and Minds of Youth Conference sponsored by Center for Mindfulness at UC San Diego.

This powerpoint highlights reading and writing activities offered to participants in a recent workshop. The majority of attendees were teachers interested in incorporating mindfulness into their classrooms. Together we explored the three major stumbling blocks to a happy life: negative thoughts, disturbing emotions, and habitual tendencies through poems and song. These works, as well as student writing samples based on them, inspired their own writing and sharing.

Enthusiastic Responses to Laura Bean’s Workshop:

“I’m going to use this with teachers I teach in a Master’s program! Teachers need self-reflection with love and self-compassion! So wonderfully and mindfully presented. I loved every moment. You’re an awesome presenter!” READ MORE EDUCATOR TESTIMONIALS